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Insight of Iaito-production

A fine documentation in Englisch about Iaito-Production in prefecture Gifu. It is of course promotion but for us practicing people indispensable ;-)


Use your iPhone and take some pictures, maybe a movie… Here I start with an important Suburi, which you can use at the beginning and the end of training. Every member of dojo counts 10 strikes. You earns a lot. The move starts with upswing, so from the bottom up.


Nishimoto Sensei Nanadan Kyoshi, Kyoto Taikai, May 2013

Fine Embu by Nishimoto Sensei. Very nice, surprising execution (from minute 3 on) of Okuden Ukenagashi. Close sword feeling and perfect Sayabiki provided. Primary school (Kihon) is always base of Okuden.

Iaido Embu Mori Juro (居合 森十郎)

I do not know if Google Translate tells me the correct name of this swordsman. I only know that he is showing excellent Iai with great heart, far away from standard Iai. Look at 3:35 => interesting variation of Chiburi. Too bad that all is presented in such a restless surrounding.

Womens Iaido

Iaido shown by women are rarely to found on YouTube. But see for yourself, here is a documentation. It seems to be demonstrated by high-ranked Iaidokas, by execution, equipment and location. The men are watching very closely.