Here is an opportunity to introduce myself as the trainer. My name is Cornelius Lockau (*1961). In 1986 I started to learn Iaido. Best result in tournament: First Price of Germany 1992 (category 1. Dan).
Official level of education: 5. Dan Iaido ZNKR, Muso Shinden Ryu.
Miscellaneous: Some experiences in the range of Kendo, Shorin-Ryu Karate and Hsing-I.
Since 1995 trainer in some of Hamburgs sports clubs:
- Goldbekhaus e.V.
- HTB 1860 e.V.
- Hakushinkai Hamburg e.V.
- SCP 1930 e.V. Hamburg
- HTBU e.V. Hamburg 

Additional instruction of University Sports Iaido at the University of Hamburg. One of the founding members of the first German Iaido Federation, long lasting board member and publisher of the former federation’s journal Iaido-News.

Shuhari *

For now I practice without guidance of an official sports federation, which means there are no examinations, certificates, competitions. For myself the value of regular constant practice and teaching seems to be enough since I can reflect in it. The honest confrontation with my way of sword began after I have to learn for myself only. This was the most difficult (& lasting) examination I had ever done in the Iaido. I thank all my teachers and co-workers for their patience until this time.

* The term Shu-Ha-Ri stands for personal development in Budo. Shu means to learn first in receiving, Ha is the processing and the persistance, and Ri achieve invention in creative work with own experiences. One can compare the process with a craft education.

** One more thing: eat, sleep, go Iaido and use your own head.