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bo hitWe study on two days some Bojutsu. It is moving with the long stick (Bo *). We are training the style Yamanni-Ryu. If you exercise with Bo (length about 2m), then you better understand in dealing with your body because of the large movements. More precisely, one has the opportunity to dis­cover errors more easily than it is possible with the sword. Both are weapons so there it is a simular movement outside of your body you have to connect with. Bo movement produces not only the harmony of body movement but also great flexibility. You have to follow the weapon and to move close to the weapon. This helps significantly to learn Iai. Bo Yamanni Ryu is today being represented by Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro (USA). It is a style of Kobudo weapon technique and may be a solid foundation for Okinawian Karate (Shorin Ryu) for example).

Learning of Bo promote flexibility, strength, body coordination. Iaido learning shouldered the same but in concentrated movement. Iai is intense, Bo is explosive.

*) There exists also practicing with Jo (Short stick, about 1,30 m). So we do not examine. These motions are useful for learning about the fight sword against stick. The processes are so particular that practicing has produced an special Japanese Do = Jodo.


The following kata we work out by the time (step by step).


  1. Donyukun Ichi
  2. Donyukun Ni 


  1. Choun no Kun Sho
  2. Choun no Kun Dai
  3. Suuji no Kun
  4. Ryubi no Kun
  5. Sakugawa no Kun


More Info about Yamanni-Ryu Bo.
Many are waiting for you… 80 Katas with short description.