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Iaido, art of japanese fencing


You start learning with a bokken. This wooden sword­copy is cheap and easy to handle. You do not need special clothes at the beginning. First, you learn basic skills. Through that, physical strength, flexibility and your balance increase. You get more experience after having bought an iaito (training sword). Many different kata accompany the training. A kata is a short motion sequence, which corresponds to a real fight.
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Iaido movement

At the beginning you learn 12 forms of the Seitei-Iai. These forms provide to build up all necessary basics and knowledge. Later you get deeper insight by practicing the forms of Muso Shinden Ryu. It offers 3 stages of understanding.
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Why Iaido?

Iaidoka want to gain experience with a japanese sword. They learn the correct techniques by practicing of Iaido-forms with a sword. In doing so there is much to discover. The potential is unique among the japanese martial arts. Own body-movement, swordhandling and kata experience work together. You can learn Iaido step by step not by force. That is its difference to sports.
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The way of the sword

Iaido is the original and existing way of the japanese sword. This martial art was developed under the influence of Zen. Hundreds of years ago a close connection of authentic sword experiences of the samurai and their ideas was the result. This martial art is comparatively unknown. Nevertheless Iaido is a important centre of reference of the japanese budo. Also: Iaido can become a way of live (called: »do« or »michi« in japanese).
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